Editorial: Kim Davis and same sex marriage

Editorial: Kim Davis and same sex marriage

Same sex marriage is the law of the land.

Rowan County Kentucky Clerk, Kim Davis, refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples citing her religious objections to these unions.

Clerk Davis, who is an elected official, took an oath to obey the laws of her state and of the United States of America.

She has chosen to disregard the Supreme Court decision that same sex marriages were constitutional.

What would happen if all elected officials decided that they would not obey all of the laws, 
but just those laws that met with their personal religious beliefs?

It is certainly Ms. Davis' right to follow her conscience, especially when it comes to deep religious beliefs, but because she does not work for a church, and is an elected public servant, it is her responsibility to follow the law.
If she does not want to conduct the business of the people, she may need to resign and allow someone else to do so.

The reason that we have separation of church and state is to avoid issues like this.

There are many Americans who sympathize with Ms. Davis and her religious beliefs, but those same people must think about the rights of same sex couples who want to have a civil union under the law.

What about their rights?

Fortunately, because we are a land of laws, Clerk Davis will have her day in court and that is exactly how it should be.

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