Terrell County is considering using private emergency services

Terrell County is considering using private emergency services

TERRELL CO., GA (WALB) - Terrell County Commissioners will consider using a private emergency service Wednesday.

Debra Thomas has been a resident of Terrell County for sometime and has only needed an EMS once.

"I was in a car accident years ago and they were pretty quick," Debra Thomas said.

Fortunately her insurance took care of it. But the NAACP chapter of Terrell County says that if the county's Emergency Services goes private, it will not be helpful for those without insurance.

"This going to hurt low income individuals," Ezekiel Holley said.

The County Commission Chairman says that's not the case.  He says the move would keep the county from going into debt.

"But we're expecting it will take less revenue out of tax dollars. If they could operate it cheaper than we could because right now it's going to cost us about $600,000 a year," Wilbur Gamble said.

In fact Wednesday the board of commissioners will be hearing from three companies to see how they can save everyone in the county money.

"I don't think the average person would see a difference and hopefully it will get better."

NAACP President Holley finds it hard to believe that private would be the best option.

"Other companies are not going to come to Terrell County to lose money. And how you get around losing money you cut staff or go up on prices.

As far Debra Thomas is concerned she just hopes that EMS response is still quick if she ever needs their services again.

"I want them to come as fast as they could to get me care as quick as they could."

The NAACP also said they are concerned that it will cut jobs in half. The chairman of the board says that the board is making sure that doesn't happen.

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