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Garage owner 'Backs the Blue'

Tom Gieryic Tom Gieryic
Sheriff Sproul Sheriff Sproul
Chief Persley Chief Persley

An Albany business owner is asking others in the community to show their support of first responders, especially law enforcement, after recent national attacks on officers. 

Tom Gieryic has come up with a sign supporting police, and he is asking other businesses and people to also show their support for first responders.  Law enforcers say it's appreciated.

Tom Gieryic shows us his new sign idea, saying "Back the Blue."  After recent attacks across the country, he is asking others in Albany to show their support for law enforcement officers. "Really sad time in our world,  in our country, that people feel it's common place to go out and shoot a law enforcement officer."

Gieryic has a blue ribbon on the mailbox of his Dawson Road business, as well as yard signs and on his marquee.  Now he says he is willing to pay for these "Back The Blue" signs, if businesses will show them. "I'd like to see businesses either put up in their window.  Put up on their front yards, their lawns, or posted somewhere."

The Sheriff and Police Chief said they appreciate the community support. "A heartfelt thank you to this community because they do honor and respect their law enforcement for the most part," Sheriff Kevin Sproul said.

Because of those attacks across the nation, Albany and Dougherty County officers and deputies are on guard.
"You don't know if they are copycats or if it's something that is planned.  So even though this is Albany, it's a small city, anything can happen," APD Chief Michael Persley said.  

Gieryic says people need to appreciate the community's  law enforcement and first responders, and be proud to show them. "They're special. We need them."

Gieryic is hoping others in the community will join him, and show their appreciation, and if he hears from enough interested people, he will make up his back the blue signs.  He is also calling on Albany businesses to show their support, by giving discounts to first responders.

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