Lake Blackshear BUI arrest same as previous Summer

Lake Blackshear BUI arrest same as previous Summer

CRISP CO., GA (WALB) - DNR Officials say they haven't seen a lot of crashes or people boating under the influence.  With Summer winding down, they still want to make sure boaters are being safe.

Out on these waters at Lake Blackshear DNR Law enforcers say they made more than 10 BUI arrests this Summer.

"The BUI arrests for this Summer was about the same as it was last Summer," said Cpl. Clint Martin, DNR Law Enforcement. "The year before that was a big spike and we had numerous arrests."

Martin says BUIs are easily preventable.

"A lot of times there's an actual sober person on the boat when we arrest somebody for boating under the influence that could be driving the boat," said Martin. "Then you wouldn't have these BUI arrests."

Accidents on the water are down.

"The accidents this year have been pretty low," said Martin. "We had two accidents. One which could've been real serious but due to the position of the people on the other boat it wound up not being a real serious accident."

Martin says it's important for boaters to know that anybody under the age of 13 is required to wear a life jacket.

"Wear your life jacket, wear your life jacket," said Martin.

He says some of the newer life jackets are designed to keep your head out of the water and lessens your worries of treading water.

"Just like in a car if you're on land you don't have to worry about swimming," said Martin. "You gone be laying on land. Where as if you are in water you can either be hopefully conscious enough and not injured enough to be able to swim and stay alive to keep from drowning."

He says it's important for boaters to remember these three important life saving tips.

"Wear your life jacket, watch your speed and watch what's going on around you," said Martin.

Martin says even if you're not drunk, you can be charged with reckless operation if you're driving a boat dangerously.

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