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Local law enforcement address police protection

Law Enforcement hosted "Coffee with a Cop" to engage citizens Law Enforcement hosted "Coffee with a Cop" to engage citizens
Cpt. Tom Jackson Cpt. Tom Jackson
Karim Rothwell Karim Rothwell

It's job that comes with a lot of responsibilities.

"We face life and death situations everyday when we come to work and we have to be prepared for that," says Captain Tom Jackson with Dougherty County Police. 

According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, which tracks officer fatalities, police deaths are up 15% this year. Cpt. Jackson says the job is more dangerous now than ever. 

"Not everyone is trying to kill us but we also don't know who's trying to kill us or who's trying to hurt us... it's even worse in the last few months," explains Cpt. Jackson.

That's why the Dougherty County Police Department is joining the "Under 100" campaign. It's goal is to keep officer deaths below 100 for the year. 

Cpt. Jackson says the initiative provides training that emphasizes the importance of awareness. 

"We're trying to stress vigilance and being aware of your surroundings and being aware of what's going on in today's society," says Cpt. Jackson. 

However, Albany resident, Karim Rothwell, says it's unfair that law enforcement has to be so concerned with their own protection. Rothwell says compared to the rest of the nation he believes local law enforcement is doing well.  

"Overall I feel like our relationship with our local law enforcement, considering all that's going on, is pretty decent." Rothwell explains. 

Community events keep law enforcement engaged with citizens. Rothwell feels other areas could take some notes about the relationship between citizens and local law enforcement here in Southwest Georgia.

"To the nation I would like them to look at our area as a model," says Rothwell. 

It's a thank you Dougherty County Police say they don't hear often, but reminds them why they continue to put on their uniform everyday. 

"It's great pride if we serve the citizens and they appreciate what we're out here doing because that's our ultimate goal," says Cpt. Jackson. 

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