Christopher Harris on an LA stage

Christopher Harris on an LA stage
Tyshiba Maxie Uptown Dance
Tyshiba Maxie Uptown Dance
Uptown dance studio at Darton
Uptown dance studio at Darton
Christopher Harris - choreographer
Christopher Harris - choreographer

Dance has been proven to heal, break down walls and even make kids better students.

For one mother and son it has been a life changing bond.

Christopher Harris started dancing in his mothers studio "Uptown Mix" at a very young age.

Tyshiba Maxie says "he was always at the studio and he learned all the routines on his own watching"

Christopher says "I used to like hip hop now I like classical and contemporary and I didn't really get into ballet until I started here at Darton

Being a male dancer Christopher had his share of being bullied, until they saw his moves...

Christopher says "They really started to like it and encouraged me to dance."

Christopher was accepted to Debbie Allen Dance Academy summer intensive in Atlanta in June.

There he auditioned with dancers from around the world to perform for the special Olympics

Christopher says "There was 300 kids I made it in the top 30.

Tyshiba says "I've danced in front of few thousand people but there had to be half a million people in that coliseum. And Christopher is on a whole other level I'm so proud of him

It hasn't been easy. Tyshiba was molested at the age of 5. The abuse lasted several years. It was a school counselor that helped her heal from the trauma and found that dance was her saving grace.

Tyshiba says "I didn't know who to talk to I didn't know what to do but when I danced I forgot."

Tyshiba now helps others as a school counselor and dance instructor. She says "I use a lot of what i learned in dance discipline how to work in a team how to feel good about yourself how to work hard and even though I may stumble and have a hard time how to get back up."

the LA experience and dancing keeps their bond strong but she is still mom.

Christopher says "If I get in trouble she says she will take dance away and it gets me riled up so I have to stay right."

Christopher plans on being a professional dancer and choreographer. "I plan on dancing for my whole life."

His mom says "I'm super proud of him I want to help other kids do the same thing."

Classes started August 20th but parents are invited to visit anytime from 4:00 to 8:00 at Darton or go to

instagram@danceuptown and you can also google uptown dance.