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Mitchell County residents want animal rescue shelter to stop euthanizations

Kathy Harrell, Animal Control Volunteer Kathy Harrell, Animal Control Volunteer
Janet Goree, Animal Lover/Rescuer Janet Goree, Animal Lover/Rescuer

Some Mitchell County residents are upset after more than a dozen animals were euthanized by the County's Animal Control.

Some residents say the County is in need of a Rescue Shelter and they're hoping they can get the community and local officials on board to bring one to the County.

"When I noticed the two little hounds weren't in their pins,” said Kathy Harrell, Animal Control Volunteer. “I'm sorry, I can't mention them without crying. I hit my knees."
Kathy Harrell volunteers at the Mitchell County Animal Control office, and is overcome with emotion after more than a dozen animals were euthanized at the facility.

"There was animals that were put down that were promised to be safe and to come in and see the furnace going was devastating,” said Harrell.

25 dogs and 22 cats were euthanized. Harrell says she's helped rescue more than 40 dogs since volunteering nearly two weeks ago.

"My mission right now is to make sure this doesn't happen again,” said Harrell.

The Mitchell County Animal Control says their priority is to find homes for animals and that they have no choice but to control the population in order to maintain humane conditions and they're encouraging the community to adopt. Now these animal lovers are on a mission to start a rescue shelter in the County.

"A safe place that adoptable animals can be taken too,” said Harrell.

"We are all willing to volunteer our time to do this,” said Janet Goree, Animal Lover/ Rescuer.

Janet Goree says her efforts to help get animals adopted from Animal Control have been denied.

"We are all volunteers that want to see this happen, but the Animal Control won't let us help,” said Goree. “The doors are firmly shut in our face."

"We need change,” said Harrell. “We need to hold this community accountable. The County Commissioners the City Management, all of them. They need to be held accountable."

The group will have a meeting Thursday at Tara's Closet in Camilla at 7:00 p.m. to discuss details of the shelter before presenting a plan to the County next week. Here is the full statement from the Mitchell County Correctional Institute:

“On September 1, in accordance with its policies and procedures, Mitchell County Animal Control was regretfully forced to reduce the population of stray animals in its custody in order to maintain humane conditions within its capacity limitations. The County’s priority is to find homes for these animals as often as possible. However, with limited resources to house the constantly growing number of stray or forfeited animals, the County has no choice but to control the population.”

“Since May 2015, the County has taken in 384 domestic animals. The County continues to partner with local constituents to increase the current adoption rate of 21% so that population reduction is not necessary. Over the past four month, the County, with the help of volunteers, has placed 82 animals with loving animals. With the assistance of local residences, we can increase this number. If you are interested in adoption or for more information about our services, please call 229-336-2049.”

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