Tifton PD warns of bogus bills

Tifton PD warns of bogus bills

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - The Tifton Police Department says someone is trying to pass fake hundred dollar bills, and they want merchants to be on guard.

They say there are two serial numbers in particular that have been used multiple times, not only in Tift County, but  others as well.

Both of these serial numbers appear on bills that are the series 1990 bills.  Those numbers are: B02492407B and H58388655A.

"I did compare the serial number from your story on August 19th to one of ours and it does in fact match. So I have to believe that they are somewhat related," said Tifton Police Lt. Lee Dunston, who says they started seeing them back in June.

 Tifton police advise stores to use counterfeit pens to check any bills that come through. Dunston asks business owners to report anyone trying to pass suspected counterfeit money if they are rejected.

These two serial numbers are the most seen, but there may be others, and police want all merchants to carefully examine any $100 bills that are passed.

Be particularly aware of people that make small purchases or have money loaded onto a 'Vanilla' card or other type of cash card.

If someone attempts to pass one of these bills, even if it is not accepted, please notify law enforcement immediately.

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