Out-of-state tuition is changing for some Georgia colleges

Out-of-state tuition is changing for some Georgia colleges

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Ten University System of Georgia Schools now offer in-state tuition to residents of Alabama, South Carolina, and Florida.

Darton State College, Albany State University, Valdosta State University, and Georgia Southwestern State University are all participating  in this initiative.

The goal is to bring students to campuses who could benefit from an increase in enrollment. School officials also say it's a good way to boost the local economy and potentially keep graduates in Georgia post graduation.

"We're not only getting additional students into our system, but some of these students may find that they like it in Georgia and we add these college graduates to our economy... which is something Georgia needs," explains Frank Malinowski, Interim Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management at Darton State College.

Malinowski says even though the program was approved too late to really advertise for this year, they still had 53 out-of-state students take advantage of it. He is confident the number will grow as students become more aware of the program.

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