Sewer overflow concerns Valdosta

Sewer overflow concerns Valdosta

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Valdosta's Utilities Director says all of the city's work to minimize sewer overflows in the city when it rains paid off this past weekend. Three manholes overflowed Friday night due to the torrential rain the city received Friday evening.

They stopped overflowing around midnight Friday, but when another heavy rain storm moved through Saturday morning they overflowed again and a fourth manhole also overflowed. All of those overflows have since stopped.

"Six months, a year ago if we had that same type of rain we would've had fifteen plus manholes overflowing. Our treatment plant would've been out of permit. We only had three manholes, a fourth manhole came on the second day," said Valdosta Utilities Director Henry Hicks.

In about six months, the city's new wastewater treatment plant and force main system are expected to be completed, which the city expects will eliminate virtually all sewer overflows.

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