Pastor wants answers about fire set near church

Pastor wants answers about fire set near church
Rev. Davis
Rev. Davis

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany pastor Bethel AME church reacts after two men torch a truck just feet from his front door. Police and fire investigators are looking for those men.

The road is still black, and you can see where the glass was broken out.

It's 8:15 on a Monday night, the truck blocking the entrance at Bethel AME church is unusual, but not alarming.

"I saw the char, but I didn't think anything about there having been a fire there. I didn't think anything of it. I thought maybe someone had maybe had mechanical problems, and they were going to come back later on and move the truck," said Reverend Ernest Davis.

Davis eventually called police who located the owner in Terrell County. He was supposed to come pick up the truck some time yesterday evening.

"Well I left the office at 5:30, and the truck was still there. And then when I returned this morning. Well you can see outside what it looks like in the driveway," said Rev. Davis.

You can see a man moving behind the truck and all of a sudden, the truck goes up in flames as two men walk away on South Washington. "I'm really shocked and causing me to have a little bit of concern because if the truck had blown up, whether or not we would even have a church here this morning," said Rev. Davis.

This video also raised other concerns as dozens of drivers pass by without ever stopping or seeming to notice. "People seemed to be passing by and nobody seemed to take an interest that, 'hey, there's a vehicle on fire. Should I call somebody, you know, get some emergency assistance or something?'"

Firefighters arrived on scene about eight minutes later and got the fire under control, but there's still questions about why the truck was there, and why it was set on fire.

This all happened just a few hundred feet from the Civic Center and Police Department. The police and fire department are both investigating the fire.

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