Suspicious package has Hahira PD on edge

Suspicious package has Hahira PD on edge
Terry Davis
Terry Davis

HAHIRA, GA (WALB) - Around 9 o' clock Saturday night, a citizen passing by this intersection called 911 after seeing this white Styrofoam cooler sitting on the side of the road. On the outside, the cooler says "discount organs", "these came from Ferguson victims", and "cops, kill 100%."

Hahira Police Chief Terry Davis said his department took this call very seriously.

"We don't have a lot going on here, but we do take this serious. Especially in this day and time when people are very upset and it seems like everybody is out to get law enforcement," Chief Davis explained.

He said he feared this may be another case of someone trying to ambush law enforcement, like the case earlier in the day Saturday when a deputy in Texas was shot to death while putting gas in his patrol car.

"Still not sure if it's a prank or it's something [else]," said Chief Davis. "There's a phone number on the side of it. We're hesitant about calling that phone number because sometimes, in this day and time, you could actually detonate something by phone."

The GBI bomb squad from Thomasville used their robot to cut the tape off of the lid of the cooler and open the cooler up.

That's when it was discovered that a bottle of what appears to be water was sitting inside. As of Monday, both the bottle and the cooler were expected to be sent to the GBI's crime lab in hopes of producing some leads.

"The respect that people had for law enforcement in years past just seems like it's not there anymore and it's disheartening," emphasized Chief Register.

There was no timeline Monday for when the results will be completed.

If you have any information about where the cooler may have come from, call Hahira Police at (229)-794-2440.

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