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Arson cases have burned bushes in common

Lisa Seymour Lisa Seymour
West Tift Avenue West Tift Avenue
Flint Avenue Flint Avenue
Robert Lee Parson Robert Lee Parson

Albany fire investigators are looking into three suspicious fires including one where bushes were purposely lit on fire.  

One man has been arrested, but investigators have not said if the three fires are related.

The folks at the doctor's office are thankful that firefighters doused the blaze before it spread to their building.  A charred bush and black pine straw show where flames left a noticeable mark in front of a North Jefferson Street doctor's office.

"Gentleman just set this area, had lit a match to this area and burned this right in here. Went and got around the tree, around the bushes, and up the tree, up into the tree limbs," said Lisa Seymour.

Patrolling officers spotted the burning bush early Friday morning. Robert Parson was arrested a short distance away and charged with felony criminal damage to property. "It could've spread to the building in no time and burnt the whole building down," said Seymour.

Patient records and other important info could have been lost. Just a few blocks away, firefighters were called to a vehicle fire behind this home on West Tift Avenue that's also being investigated as arson.

Grass in front of this building on Flint Avenue was also set ablaze around the same time. Seymour is just thankful it wasn't worse. The fire investigator is expected to release more info on the arson some time tomorrow.

"I mean we've had people try and break in doors and stuff, but nothing like this. This is the first time anything like this has occurred," said Seymour.

Parson is only charged with the damage at North Jefferson Street.  No other arrests have been made.

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