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Archbold welcomes advanced cancer fighting tool

The Gamma Knife is off loaded in the Archbold parking lot The Gamma Knife is off loaded in the Archbold parking lot
(Source: Archbold Hospital) (Source: Archbold Hospital)
Dr. Steve Johnson Dr. Steve Johnson

Cancer doctors at Thomasville's Archbold Memorial Hospital have a new state of the art weapon to help patients in the battle against this deadly disease. Their new Gamma Knife is designed to deliver a highly accurate therapeutic dose of radiation to the brain, without an incision or injection.

The Gamma Knife team has successfully treated over 900 patients since the hospital acquired the equipment through the generosity of Archbold Foundation donors in 2003.

This new Gamma Knife will redefine excellence in what's called "stereotactic radiosurgery" in the South Georgia and North Florida.

Archbold is one of only 275 hospitals worldwide to acquire Gamma Knife.  And Archbold is the only hospital in the region with Gamma Knife 'Perfexion' technology; the latest and most precise form of treatment.

 “The system precisely targets even the smallest tumors with sub-millimeter precision,” said Archbold radiation oncologist Steve Johnson, MD. “Each beam has a relatively low energy, so the radiation has virtually no effect on the healthy brain tissue it passes through. At the focal point, however, all the beams converge to deliver a high dose of radiation that kills the cancer cells, even in deep-seated tumors with irregular shapes.”

Johnson called it "The culmination of many years of trial and experimentation. And computer speed and capacity that is allowing us to maximally shield critical structures within the brain."

Archbold physicians say the new technology offers unparalleled advantages for patients.  The new Gamma Knife 'Perfexion' system may also be able to provide leading-edge treatment for multiple metastatic tumors in a single treatment session.

"We can provide treatment for patients with even more complicated cases, who otherwise might not have had any treatment options at all. We’re very excited to have access to this new technology, and we’re proud to offer our patients the most advanced and precise radiosurgery technology available,"  Johnson said.

Archbold remains one of only four hospitals in Georgia to have Gamma Knife technology, and the only hospital with Gamma Knife south of Augusta in Georgia and in Florida’s Big Bend Region.

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