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Labor Day travel expected to be busy


“Definitely on holidays traffic always picks up,” says trooper Andrew Mckenzie

It's a week away, but if you have plans for Labor Day weekend that include traveling, the Georgia State Patrol wants you to make sure your ready, and you stay safe.
As people prepare to celebrate the Labor Day holiday, law enforcers expect the roads to stay busy. And they'll be out in full force looking for seat belt violations, drunk and distracted drivers, and speeding violations.
They encourage folks to be alert while out on the road.
"It's very important that we bee more attentive and more observant to what we are doing," says McKenzie.
Also, if your traveling far, make sure your car is ready for the trip.
"Make sure your tires have the proper pressure, make sure your fluids are up to par,up to the level where they should be," he says.
Cheaper gas prices may also encourage people to travel this Labor Day. This past week gas dropped below two dollars at one Albany Gas station.
Lower prices had people pumped up.
"Sure, I hope everyone in town is enjoying it, because I sure am," says McKenzie.
"Oh yeah. A whole lot, it sure do," he says.
State Troopers encourage folks to make sure they buckle up, don't drink and drive, and make sure your properly rested for the trip.
"Not only look out for yourself, but look out for the other driver. We want you to have a safe travel during that vacation day, during that  holiday," says trooper McKenzie.
And most of all don't text and drive..which is illegal in the state of Georgia.
"Absolutely no texting while driving,"
he says.

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