Tift County Firefighter says woman rescued is in good spirits

Tift County Firefighter says woman rescued is in good spirits

TIFT CO., GA (WALB) - The tape still surrounds the front of Cheryl Ellerbe's home.

Firefighters says she is just happy to be alive.

"She's resting comfortably, she's in good spirits, and as of right now is expected to make a full recovery," Tim Cooper said.

Captain Tim Cooper says around 5:30 yesterday Saturday morning Ellerbe woke up to the smell of smoke in her home.

"She opened the door and of course heat and smoke she said basically hit her in the face. So she shut the door back," Copper said.

Ellerbe called 911 and barricaded herself in the bathroom until fire fighters could get there.

Sheriff deputies were first to arrive to the scene, and they opened her bathroom window.

"She got some fresh air by sticking her head out of the bathroom window, it was kind of high up on the outside wall and kind of narrow so they knew they couldn't get her out that way," Cooper said.

Because of the information she gave to the dispatchers, firefighters were able to rescue the 70-year-old woman, and carry her out her front door.

"It was a conglomerate of events that led to her actually being rescued and her being alive today," Cooper said.

Most of the damage was in the dining room and kitchen. The Red Cross will assist here once she's released from the hospital.

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