Albany film makers debut their newest film

Albany film makers debut their newest film
Stephen Kendrick
Stephen Kendrick
Alex Kendrick
Alex Kendrick

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - War Room premiers in 1,200 theaters today, and Albany is one of the cities screening it.

"We're hearing incredible stories from across the nation people seeing war room loving it packing out theaters," said Stephen Kendrick.

Loving it they are. showed the new movie War Room was the number one movie in the nation based on early ticket sales

This is the first movie Alex and Stephen Kendrick have produced with through their own production company. "We prayed that god would do something extraordinary with this movie and we're watching him do that," said Alex Kendrick.

"This movie is about a couple who have a marriage hanging on by a thread."

 Kendrick says the goal of their films is to inspire people and for this film to impact communities in a positive way. "Like Fire Proof, Facing the Giants, and Courageous, we're trying to make movies we would want to see."

"If we can be a small part of bringing unity and a return back to the lord than would define success for us," Alex said.

With the racial division, economic issues and political divide in this country the Kendrick brothers say this is a perfect time for this movie to be in theaters.

"The one thing that can unit us is prayer and seeking the one who does have the answer for all these issues," Alex said.

The brothers still consider themselves small town film makers and say Albany has been incredibly supportive, with businesses promoting their new film.

"You need to do your fight in prayer and you need to kick the real enemy out of your home with the word of god it's time for you to fight a little better it's time for you to take off the gloves and do it,"  said Stephen.

Battle Plan for Prayer is a book by the Kendricks, inspired by the War Room. People are meeting after the movie singing and praying together. Exactly what the Kendrick brothers were hoping from the film.

Wynnsong has another showing Friday night at 7:00, 9:00, and 9:55PM.

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