Be prepared: We're still in hurricane season

Be prepared: We're still in hurricane season
Paige Dukes
Paige Dukes

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - There is still a chance that Tropical Storm Erika could impact South Georgia by the middle of next week, especially counties along the Florida-Georgia line.

Officials say if you aren't already prepared, you should take advantage of the time you'll have over the weekend and get prepared just in case the storm does cause problems in South Georgia next week.

Tropical Storm  Erika is slowly making it's way northward, but exactly what path it will take as it goes remains to be seen.

Friday's predicted path of the storm calls for Erica to travel up the Florida peninsula early next week which could bring heavy rains and high winds to south Georgia.

That's why Lowndes County Clerk Paige Dukes emphasizes the need to prepare in case the storm threatens our area.

"You want to take into consideration what your family would need if you lost your utilities," Dukes said. "We are recommending the usual things, that people have water, they have their prescriptions, they have any supplies that they should need for anyone with special needs, the elderly, babies, toddlers."

Right now Erika is projected to have a bigger impact in Southeast Georgia, but if the hurricane moves West just a little, that could create a problem for Southwest Georgia.

"If it goes a little bit farther to the west, we could  definitely be impacted here in Southwest Georgia with some heavy rainfall, WALB Meteorologist Chris Zelman explained.

Another good tip to make sure you're prepared is to go to You can find a link to information about disasters, how to make a disaster plan, and even what to put in an emergency kit.

While that may not seem necessary now, with Erika's path still relatively uncertain it's better to be safe than sorry.

Dukes also encourages citizens to go to the county's website and sign up to receive the county's emergency alert notifications. That way, if there is any kind of flooding especially from creeks or rivers, like Sugar Creek and any roads have to be closed or evacuations ordered, you'll be notified.

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