Gas price breaks $2 mark

Gas price breaks $2 mark

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - There's good news for South Georgia drivers: The price of gas has dipped below two dollars a gallon, in East and South Albany.

The Pilot Truck Stop at the corner of Cordele Road and Clark Avenue had regular gas at $1.99 a gallon Thursday, and Friday morning, it was $1.96 if you pay cash at the Fairway Store on South Slappey Boulevard.

Lots of people told us they pulled in to fill up to take advantage of the cheap price. They said the savings,  not going into their tank,  will make a difference to their wallet.

Like Eric Dietzel, who calls his truck 'The Big Gulp.' "It means an extra 20 bucks a week in my pocket.  And that means an extra 20 bucks for groceries or give it to my grandson to mow the grass," he said.

AAA has this snapshot of petroleum prices Friday:
RegularMidgrade Premium Diesel 
Current National Avg.$2.511$2.794$3.007$2.582
Yesterday National Avg.$2.534$2.812$3.024$2.593
Week Ago National Avg.$2.632$2.888$3.092$2.638
Month Ago National Avg.$2.697$2.947$3.147$2.760
Year Ago National Avg.$3.434$3.631$3.804$3.804

Kawanis Galbert, who was buying gas at the Fairway store said, "I am so excited! To see this below two dollars is great. I'm going to buy some gas, and just ride around for a while and enjoy this."

Lauren Clinton had a similar sentiment. "It's a big relief to see the price not start with a 'two.' The first number on the price is a 'one' and that is great..."

Gas is about 18 cents a gallon higher in Thomasville, however.

AAA says average American gas prices have dropped six cents per gallon over the last three days - the fastest decline since December.

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