Editorial: Bye bye, WG&L

Editorial: Bye bye, WG&L

We were uneasy when Albany City Commissioners voted in January to dissolve the Water, Gas and Light Commission and form the Albany Utility Board.

Now we have growing concerns with the questions on just what role the Utility Board now plays.

New city manager Sharon Subadan, says the utility board no longer has the power to spend money to run the utility they are overseeing.

"My understanding is that the city commission needs to make those decisions.  What I have asked the utility board to do is to make recommendations.  That is the nature of the change," she said.

While members of the Utility Board may not like their reduced role, both sides need to work out their differences in order to insure our utility system will continue to be reliable and financially stable.

Industrial prospects are not going to consider Albany if they have to worry about having the water, gas, electricity, and other services they need to operate.

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