Iron City giant live oak tree earns title

Iron City giant live oak tree earns title
Roger Spooner, Property Owner
Roger Spooner, Property Owner

IRON CITY, GA (WALB) - An Iron City's man giant live oak tree just earned a special title from the state.
It may the largest tree of its kind in the world.

This Colossal Live Oak Tree is like no other.

"We found out we had something we didn't know we had," said Roger Spooner, Property Owner.

What 92-year-old Roger Spooner didn't know was how big this massive live oak tree on his property was.  Experts measured it twice.  It's 89 feet tall, with a crown spreading more than 140 feet, and a circumference of over 32 feet.  That earned the state title of 'Champion Tree' Status.

"I can't tell its growed any since I was a little boy," said Spooner.

The Georgia Forestry Commission believes the tree is more than 300 years old. It's unique because of its single stem.

"I believe it's the biggest single trunk of Live Oak in the world," said Steve Cross, Friend.  

The Forestry Commission now lists the tree as a Co-Champion in Georgia's Champion Tree Program along with 'Village Sentinel' live oak in Waycross...but some believe the Spooner's tree should be in a class of its own and that the co-champion status needs to be updated.

"It's 2015, those were made in the 1930's and I think it deserves its single trunk status," said David Edwards, Certified Arborist.
"The Waycross tree they letting it go three on one," said Cross. "Three trunks verses one trunk."

Roger Spooner is pleased that the tree is named "Spooner Oak."

"I reckon I can put my grave right there," said Spooner.

The "Spooner Oak" has been quite an attraction, even being featured in this Wiregrass Land and Living Magazine and Roger Spooner plans to take care of it.

"Yeah, I'm gone look after it and try to keep it," said Spooner.

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