Police warn of dangerous new drug

Police warn of dangerous new drug
VPD Sergeant Steven Weisbroad
VPD Sergeant Steven Weisbroad

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Flakka-- or Alpha PVP, is similar to Molly, but police say it's more dangerous, and is showing up in more places.

For just five dollars, you could purchase a tenth of a gram of Flakka. That's why the drug is becoming increasingly common and that's why the Valdosta Police Department's Power Squad is so concerned.

"It's a lot cheaper to get manufactured. There's a larger profit margin, so people are saying, 'hey, you want some Molly' and instead of getting some Molly they're getting the Alpha PVP."

VPD Sergeant Steven Weisbroad says the drug has been on their radar since 2013 when it started showing up in the America, specifically in Florida. Since then, the drug has made its way to Valdosta.

That not only puts citizens at risk of getting hooked on the drug and suffering the potential side effects such as heart attack and kidney failure, but it puts officers at risk because the drug also makes the user extremely violent and aggressive.

"They are trying to hurt us, but it's the drug acting in them. The times that we've come in contact with them and got them, we'll just sit there and try to get them, maybe try to get them in a bear hug; just hold them, try to get them to calm down."

Sargent Weisbroad says many users think they're purchasing Molly and therefore expect the side effects of Molly when they take the drug but instead get Flakka and unexpected side effects.

Another reason why the users tend to be so out of control and another reason why the drug is so dangerous. Weisbroad says some personnel from the police department will go to Florida soon for training on how to deal with the drug.

If you suspect Flakka use in Valdosta the police want you to call their anonymous tip line at 229-293-3091.

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