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Do not pour oils and grease down your drain

David Frost David Frost

Valdosta's utilities department was reminding citizens Wednesday not to pour oils and grease down their drains.

Wednesday, people were being asked to stay away from a drainage canal along N. Forrest St. just south of Eastwind Rd. for at least two more days because of raw sewage that was spilled there on August 21st after a nearby sewer overflow caused by a grease blockage.

The city's Assistant Utilities Director, David Frost, said these blockages cost taxpayer money for the city to have to go and remove the clog and it can lead to a costly plumbing bill for residents if the clog backs up into a pipe on the resident's property.

"Do not dump it down the drain. Try to collect it or let it cool on the stove if you're cooking in a frying pan or pot," Frost emphasized. "Allow it to cool on the stove then dispose of it in a garbage can or a container."

1,350 gallons of raw sewage were spilled as a result of the grease blockage.

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