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Lowndes Co. upgrading its bandwidth

Paige Dukes Paige Dukes

Lowndes County Commissioners are trying to make sure the county has enough internet bandwidth for the future.

Commissioners voted Tuesday evening to approve a new internet contract that will give the county a total of 130 megabytes of speed through two separate internet providers. The county will receive 30 megabytes of bandwidth from one provider and 100 megabytes of bandwidth from the other.

The county will use one provider's bandwidth for critical functions and use the other provider's bandwidth for general browsing.

Both systems will run simultaneously and will have the ability to take over for each other in case one goes down, which is something the county has never had before.

"As technology increases, we have more and more departments, including the court system, that are coming online with additional programs that are requiring more bandwidth," Lowndes County Clerk Paige Dukes explained. "So, it's important that there's not a failure, obviously, with the service."

The new contract will cost a total of about $42 per megabyte for the bandwidth from both providers, compared to the old contract which cost a total of about $500 per megabyte for the bandwidth from the two providers the county had been using.

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