Moultrie woman suffers from burns after kitchen fire

Moultrie woman suffers from burns after kitchen fire

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - A Moultrie woman is being treated at a hospital in Gainesville, Florida for burns she suffered while trying to put out a fire in her home.

Shelia Lyles did extinguish that fire in her kitchen about 10 o'clock but she suffered burns on her face. 
"She got burn real bad putting it out herself," Kendra Lyles said.

Kendra Lyles rushed to her sisters house to see if what she feared was true.

"Someone texted me last night and asked if it was true that my sister's house burned down," Kendra Lyles said.

Last night, Shelia Lyles feel asleep while cooking and the grease inside the pot caught fire.

"She picked the burning pot off the stove," Lavon Cooper said.

Lyles tried taking the pot outside her house and extinguishing the fire. While doing that she suffered from burns on the right side of her face.

"She had on a shower cap and basically the biggest burn because the shower cap melted to the side of her face,"  Lavon Cooper said.

When Lyles sister heard what happened she was in shock.

" I can't believe she tried to battle that fire by herself," Kendra Lyles said.

This was something that Kendra Lyles says she had nightmares about happening to her sister.

"I am telling you I dreamed it I thought it. I prayed all last night,"  Kendra Lyles said.

Kendra Lyles hopes her sister has an easy recovery, and she has a special request for those who know her.

"I appreciate everyone who's concerned about her, asking about her and just want to let everyone know she's alive."

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