Jimmy Carter signs gaining worldwide attention

Jimmy Carter signs gaining worldwide attention
Hugh Freeman traveled from Atlanta for his sign
Hugh Freeman traveled from Atlanta for his sign

PLAINS, GA (WALB) - Requests are coming in from around the world to join a campaign offering encouragement to President Carter in his cancer fight.

Last week, the road was filled with those signs, but as people came to town last weekend and word traveled about the signs, the 500 signs originally made quickly disappeared. It's support that many here weren't expecting.

These signs have caught many eyes in the last week—as folks from all over the world have traveled to Plains.

"Shortly after we got them all up, the onslaught occurred and everybody wants one," said organizer Jill Stuckey.

The signs originally went up right before President Carter returned home last week following his first cancer treatment.

"We wanted a smile. We wanted to make him happy. It was the town showing him that we loved, that we appreciated him and we were supportive of him," said Stuckey.

People have been flocking to the tiny South Georgia town in an effort to get theirs and show their support. Hugh Freeman drove all the way from Atlanta to get his.

"I wanted to be the first one in my neighborhood to put up a Jimmy Carter for Cancer Survivor," said Freeman.

Stuckey is selling the few that are left for 25 dollars at the Plains Inn and Antique Shop. Needless to say, they weren't prepared for this demand.

"We didn't expect it. We actually didn't think that far ahead. What we were thinking of is, we wanted to put a smile on the Mr. and Mrs. Carter's face," said Stuckey.

They're adjusting though. Stuckey said they're planning to order more signs and possibly some bumper stickers.

"I think it'll be inspirational not only for president carter but other cancer survivors and people that are going through cancer treatments now," said Stuckey.

Plus, the city already hosted Carter's winning presidential campaign, so why can't it hold one more?

Plains is expecting another big crowd this weekend at church and hopes to have the signs made soon so people can purchase one for themselves. The money will go to the Friends of the Carter's Historic Site and a cancer organization.

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