Editorial: In school and politics, be respectful

Editorial: In school and politics, be respectful

August 18, 2015

It's the beginning of a brand new school year, and that means a lot of excited, nervous young students.

It's also the beginning of a long political season, and that means plenty of debates, posts and opinion-sharing on social media.

Throughout the school year, we hear a lot about bullying in schools including causes and solutions.

Well, the best way to avoid having your child become a bully is to make sure you aren't one, including online. 

We see many constructive debates on social media.  Sadly, we see even more, mean and downright hateful things said and shared. 

We as parents can't talk to our kids about being kind and tolerant while not consistently modeling that behavior ourselves. 
So as we head into a busy political season, please think before you hit that post or comment button.

Is this the sort of thing I'd be proud to show my child?  Is this the sort of behavior I'd want my child to display? 

Kids model their parents' behavior.  Let's raise them to be strong, kind, and respectful citizens of a better South Georgia.

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