Tift County Sheriff wants people to look out for school buses

Tift County Sheriff wants people to look out for school buses

TIFT CO., GA (WALB) - The Tift County Sheriff is getting a lot of calls about a serious problem on the roads.

"I got a call from a bus driver and she said I think already this year she's counted 36/ 38 violations."

Too many drivers are not stopping for buses that have their stop signs out.  Sheriff Gene Scarbrough says most of the violators are near Highways 319 and 82.

"Totally uncalled for and the most precious cargo we have is our kids and that's who they're endangering."

This is also a concern of officials with the Tift County School board.

"Some people don't seem to take it a seriously and it's something that everyone whether you have a child or not take very much to heart."

It's a problem both school officials and the sheriff say happens every year, and the Sheriff is tired of it.

"I don't see how people forget over a two or three moths period. You know but you have to stop for school buses loading and unloading."

Sheriff Scarbrough says that people should remember, if you see the stop sign flashing,stop, No matter what direction you're driving, with one exception.

"A four lane road and there is a grass median then they don't have to stop."

The sheriff says this is a serious offense and has this message for violators.

"I am putting people out there looking for these violations and they will be arrested if they're caught.

Now if you do see a violator you can call the sheriff's office at (229)388-6021  or school board at (229) 387-2400

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