Miss Georgia visits Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

Miss Georgia visits Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital


Miss Georgia visited young patients at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital today.

Betty Cantrell is touring all the children's hospitals in the state before competing in the Miss America pageant next month.

Cantrell says she's been very busy traveling, but it's been fun brightening up children's faces

“I love kids and I've integrated them into my personal platform which is called Healthy Children Strong America, and its all about children keeping healthy bodies as well as a healthy mind and spirit. And they go hand in hand so its very easy for me to also support our national platform because I am so passionate about children,” says Betty Cantrell, Miss Georgia 2015.

Cantrell leaves in a week to compete in Miss America.     

You can see the pageant live on WALB NBC on September 13th. 

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