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Albany girl donates bone marrow to save sister

Jocelyn McGee Jocelyn McGee
Mike McGee, Father Mike McGee, Father
Juliann McGee, Sister Juliann McGee, Sister

An Albany girl gets lifesaving help from her older sister.

5-year-old Juliann McGee donated bone marrow to 4-year old sister Jocelyn who was born with a rare disease that affects her ability to fight infection.

Jocelyn underwent chemotherapy and the transplant this month in Atlanta.

The family is waiting to see if that will cure her. Juliann says she wanted to be brave for her sister.

"I was saving my sister like a brave girl,” said Juliann McGee, Sister.

"It's an eye-opening experience of course, it's traumatizing especially for her but you know it takes its toll on the family, whether it's us or another family that's going through anything similar, but to just know that she's going to come out of this and have a normal life,” said Mike McGee.

The family is trying to raise $200,000 for the expensive treatment and travel expenses.

You can click here to read Jocelyn’s story or click here to donate.

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