Dealing with summer pests, what you need to know

Dealing with summer pests, what you need to know

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Summer is peak season for pests exterminators, rodents and bugs use this time to turn your home into theirs.

They live in the tightest spots of your home, hidden away for weeks, even years.

"Your power outlets are a good spot to start. Any place a bug can enter a house, that's where we want to treat at," said Adams Exterminators expert Hunter Hodges.

He says it's critical to seal windows and doors, any place light can break through, pests will be sure to follow.

"There is an actual hole going down to the crawl space and those little droppings you see there are from mice that have been entering in," continued Hodges.

The experts recommend to conduct routine inspections inside the home, especially in areas prone to moisture, such as under the sink, a perfect place for breeding.

"See what you're up against," said Hodges. "If you don't do an inspection you won't know how to treat."

Around this time of year, American roaches, ants and mice numbers spike, taking care of the problem earl could save you time and money. It will also decrease the chance of contracting a health issue.

"They are one of the main causes of  a lot of respiratory problems in children, are the feces in roaches," said Hodges.

Don't forget to check outside the home as well by trimming shrubs and replacing broken vents.

"Because if you get holes in those, the next thing you know a stray cat will get be under your house and you have fleas everywhere," continued Hodges.

By remembering to conduct simple maintenance, bugs and pests can stay out.

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