Bartender: Biting other woman's lip off was self defense

Bartender: Biting other woman's lip off was self defense
Gilbert Udoto, Owner
Gilbert Udoto, Owner

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany bartender gets into an unusual bar fight that was caught on camera. She says she wants to clear her name.

Bartender Kimberly Wesley says the video shows she acted in self-defense.

Cameras inside Big Daddy's Lounge caught the fight between Bartender Kimberly Wesley and customer Twanna Walker earlier this month. "I was talking to my co-worker, telling her to come on and as I turned that's when she hit me," said Kimberly Wesley, Bartender.

The video shows just that and a lip bite quickly follows. "It was a quick fight, very quick," said Wesley.

Walker told Police Wesley tried to punch her and then bit the right side of her lip. Wesley insists that's not how it happened.  She says Walker has been harassing her for months.  Video outside the club shows Walker pointing at her lip then charging Wesley to continue the fight. 

Wesley's boss, Club Owner Gilbert Udoto says the proof is in the video. "My employee was wronged because after viewing the video with my manager we saw the patron hitting Kim," said Gilbert Udoto, Owner.

The story has gone viral bringing unwanted attention to Udoto's business. "Saying Big Daddy's in Albany, Ga a bartender beat a customer, that made my place look really bad and that's not the case," said Udoto.

Wesley wants people to know that the lip biting was an act of self-defense. "I'm innocent, I just defended myself in the situation where I had to," said Wesley. "I felt like I had to."

Wesley says she went to the hospital for stress and high blood pressure. Twanna Walker was booked into the Dougherty County Jail last Thursday and released the next day on Simple Battery Charges. Wesley was not charged.

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