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Cordele residents want drivers to slow down

Lakeya Glee Lakeya Glee
Joe Brown Joe Brown
Royce Reeves Royce Reeves

 A Cordele city commissioner is asking for help from city and county agencies to slow down drivers in his ward. The streets Royce Reeves is concerned about are the ones right around public housing on 24th Avenue. He says changes need to be made quickly.

Hundreds of cars drive down avenues and streets of Cordele every day. But are some going too fast?

"It's been a problem, yes," said resident Lakeya Glee.

"I've seen speeds from 35 to 50 miles per hour plus," said resident Joe Brown. But that's not it. "Actually seen them somewhat drag racing down through here."

Longtime resident Joe Brown's concern is the many pedestrians and kids who are in the roads. "I've seen vehicles come down through here, with kids crossing the street, have to stop. And what if they can't stop in time." 

Signs are up on the side of the road to alert drivers of nearby children, but parents are still concerned.

"They may accidentally get a ball and it may go in the road so it's very important for them to slow down, pay attention, to where they're going," said Lakeya Glee.

Commissioner Royce Reeves wants to prevent a tragedy. He's been flooded with calls from concerned residents, and they're looking at adding stop signs or speed bumps. "Because there are no speed bumps and no stop signs, people tend to come down through here a lot faster than they should be." 

Reeves plans to ask for help from the county commissioners and the housing authority to curb this problem. "We're going to have to do it as a team," said Reeves.

And although no timetable has been set, the changes are a high priority for Commissioner Reeves. "Kids play here all the time and we got to do something."

"I would like to see that done," said Brown.

Reeves plans to start by asking officers to patrol the area more often, and then bring up structural changes to the road before the city commission.

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