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Murder victim's family wants to know "why"

Ieshia Thomas Ieshia Thomas
Annie Joyce Bradley White Annie Joyce Bradley White

"He was getting away. Why, why would you kill someone who's running from you," asked Ieshia Thomas, rhetorically, as she spoke about her feelings in the wake of finding out on Monday that her first cousin, 25 year old Anthony Barber, had been found shot to death.

That is the question relatives of Barber wanted answered Tuesday.

"Tony was cool; he was a cool cat. He loved his family. Every time he saw me, everybody, he was loveable. He would kiss you or hug you," Thomas said.

That's what Thomas remembers most about Barber. Around 11 a.m. Monday, Barber was found dead behind 1711 Ricardo St. "I was devastated," Thomas explained. "He was my street turn, he was my ace, he was my friend, he was my homie."

Thomas said more than anything, Tony just wanted to live to see his son's first birthday in November.

"He didn't make it. You know, that's what upsets me because he was crazy about his baby. He loved his baby and he's a spitting image of him," Thomas said.

Tuesday, police still didn't have a clear motive and weren't sure exactly why or how Barber ended up in the back yard of the vacant home on Ricardo St.

They did know, though, who they believe shot him. Warrants had been signed for 25 year old Timothy Jerome Wiggins, Jr. but police didn't have any leads as to where he may be.

"They can find the suspect, they can catch you, they can do whatever, but we want to know the story as to why. What happened? What went wrong," Thomas emphasized.

Annie Joyce Bradley White lives down the street from the family and knows them well. She said as sad as she was when she heard the news, she was equally as scared that another young black man had been killed in her community.

"I think if there's a little bit more community involvement, a little more policing by the Valdosta Police Department all the senseless killings probably would stop," Bradley stated.

Police were still considering Timothy Jerome Wiggins, Jr. armed and dangerous Tuesday and were asking anyone who sees him or knows where he is to call 911 immediately.

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