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School attendance is up in Dougherty County

J.D. Sumner, DCSS Public Relations J.D. Sumner, DCSS Public Relations

A tough new attendance policy for Dougherty County Schools seems to be working.
In the past, the system has struggled to get all students in school off the bat.
Daily attendance during the first week of school last week was 200 to 400 students higher than last year.

School officials aren’t sure if the increase is a result of the new attendance policy or new incoming students.

"It really helps the students start the school year off with a clean slate,” said J.D. Sumner, DCSS Public Relations. “Approach the school year at way they are suppose to and that is just to be there everyday, do their homework, get their assignments in an orderly fashion and handle those responsible so it's a win win all the way around."

The new policy allows only five unexcused absences for the year.
Last week's attendance averaged almost 14,900 students.
That's up almost 300 over last year.

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