LED lights will brighten Valdosta nights

LED lights will brighten Valdosta nights

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Starting tonight, the City of Valdosta will have better lighted streets. Winnersville is getting Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Roadway Lighting, offered through a  Georgia Power program. More than 3,600 of Valdosta's 6,200 street light fixtures will be replaced over the next four months at no cost to the city.

Georgia Power will install approximately 407,000 LED roadway lighting fixtures in communities across the state over the next four years.

Today, Georgia Power begins replacing all 100-, 150- and 250-watt light fixtures located on city streets. Each fixture will take at least 15 minutes to install, and motorists are urged to use caution when passing the Utility Lines Construction truck during these periodic stops under street lights. This will not interfere with power service.

"We are pleased to be one of the first local governments in Georgia to work in partnership with Georgia Power to convert to the LED Roadway Lighting. We believe that reducing our city's carbon footprint is a smart and responsible thing to do," said City Manager Larry Hanson, adding that these fixtures contain no hazardous materials and are recyclable. "This longer-lasting, energy-efficient lighting is expected to reduce our energy consumption, while improving light quality and making our city safer for our citizens."

LED Roadway Lighting produces a broad-spectrum white light allows the eyes to see better, which enhances safety and security throughout the city. There will also be less "sky glow" which will light up the streets and sidewalks, not the skyline or neighborhood yards.

The energy-efficient lighting also has a longer life-expectancy of up to 10 years and will be maintained by Georgia Power.

Decorative light fixtures, such as those located downtown, and higher wattage fixtures will not be replaced at this time but are part of a future phase of the Georgia Power project.

The LED Roadway Lighting project is expected to be completed by late December 2015.

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