Moultrie business owners alert to burglaries

Moultrie business owners alert to burglaries

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - A string of smash and grabs in Moultrie have some businesses owners on alert.

"We were very surprised it happened on this corner," Maggie Brown said.

The owner of Three Crazy Bakers Maggie Brown had to replace this window, that used to showcase a doll house.

"The glass people said that we we were very lucky that we didn't see a dead body draped over the window seal," Brown said.

Brown says those lucky smash and grab crooks got away with about 150-dollars, but left something behind.

"And there was a 20 dollar bill laying on the floor," Brown said.

Now she is looking into ways to insure this doesn't happen to her business again.

"Here we're just not going to have any more cash in the building and we're also considering putting in an alarm,"  Brown said.

Since Three Crazy Bakers is one in four businesses to get hit in the past few days, owners on the square are taking action.

"We are not used to having any type of thefts like this in downtown Moultrie, because we are a safe downtown and that's why we're aggressively make sure that this doesn't happen again. We won't stand for it," Amy Johnson said.

But they are not doing it alone.

"Already had the police department work with property owners and business owners,"  Johnson said.

From that meeting the group plans to place more cameras around the downtown area, and create a business watch.

"It's like a neighborhood watch where they can pick up the phone and call their neighbor hey this doesn't look right so maybe we should call the police department to head off anything that might happen,"  Johnson said.

So that more businesses like Brown's don't have to go through the same thing.

Moultrie Police are still investigating all four smash and grabs.

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