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Community supporting, helping mother who needs new kidney

Stacy Phillips Stacy Phillips
Rick Phillips Rick Phillips

You wouldn't know it by looking at her, but Stacy Phillips' health is declining.

She has been on dialysis for the last two years and now desperately needs a kidney. "I have IGA Nephropathy, which is an auto immune disease," said Stacy Phillips. "[My doctors] believe at some point I had strep throat and i didn't have it treated and antibodies attacked my kidneys."

She has to be on dialysis for 10 hours a night, which she says makes spending time with her seven children very difficult. 

"It's overwhelming, but I'm doing what I have to do," Stacy proudly pointed out.

One of her children actually donated a kidney to her four years ago, but now she needs another transplant. Stacy's husband, Rick, says as tough as it is not knowing if or when his wife will get the transplant she needs, the community has made going through the process a second time much easier.

"The first time, it was very rough," Rick Phillips admitted.

He not only hopes to raise the $12,000 needed to have the transplant, but he also hopes to raise more awareness in the community about kidney disease.

"I've actually been in contact with the National Kidney Foundation and I would like to see either myself or somebody start a local office in Valdosta," Rick explained.

Tomorrow night, a benefit rodeo will be held at JustAmere Farms in Lowndes County to help raise money for Stacy.

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