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Sheriff's office reminds drivers about "slow poke" law

Mike Adams Mike Adams

The Lowndes County Sheriff's Office, which assisted in the Wednesday afternoon chase that started on I-75 when a driver sped off after being stopped for driving too slow in the fast lane, said this should be a reminder to drivers that the "slow poke" law is being enforced.

If an officer thinks you're holding up traffic by driving too slow in the fast lane, they'll pull you over and likely give you a ticket. Lowndes County Sheriff's Office Lt. Mike Adams said this helps reduce aggressive driving

"Fingers start flying and everything else and before you know it, you've got someone that's gotten wrecked just because they wouldn't get over and let the other person go by," Lt. Adams pointed out. "The law says that you have to either pull forward and get over or you have to slow down and get over."

Lt. Adams also reminds drivers that it is a requirement to move over for emergency vehicles if you can, otherwise you could get a ticket.

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