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Plains 'shocked' by Carter cancer news

Long time friend Jan Williams gives the President a kiss Long time friend Jan Williams gives the President a kiss
Ruth Sanders Ruth Sanders
Jan Williams Jan Williams
Downtown Plains is an extension to the past Downtown Plains is an extension to the past

Folks in Plains are hoping for the best as President Jimmy Carter begins his public fight with liver cancer. Friends of President Carter say his fighting spirit will get him through this battle. Just yesterday, the President announced recent liver surgery revealed that cancer had spread to other parts of his body.

Many people are still shocked by this news. President Carter is 90 years old, but many people say his active personality masked that age well.

There is an overwhelming sense of sadness in Plains today. For many in the small town of Plains, President Carter is much more than our nation’s 39th President.

"What am I going to call you when you become president? Because President Carter is just too formal," said long time friend Jan Williams.

He is a personal friend, making the news about his cancer even tougher to take. “Plains is very sad but our faith is very strong,” said Williams.

Carter grew up in Plains in the 1930s and for many in town, he’s had a direct impact on their lives and businesses.

“Primarily people are coming here to learn more about President Carter who is thought of fondly all over the world,” said owner of the Plains Trading Post, Philip Kurland.

President Carter announced his cancer diagnosis yesterday and says the liver cancer has spread to other parts of his body. Cancer has claimed other members in his family, but people in Plains are hoping for the best.

“He's very determined person and very strong. He's always tried to look after himself and I think he'll fight it with everything he's got,” said Mayor Boze Godwin.

“We're praying for him and praying that he can get through this as easily as possible and continue to do the good things that he does,” said Plains Better Hometown Director Ruth Sanders.

Everyone also knows he has the prayers of the world over him right now. “We know that as Christians, we're never alone. So he's got God on his side,” said Williams.

And they want him to know that his hometown is there for him every step of the way.

“The people in plains are behind him 150%. We're there for him to be with them, to help them and we will continue our efforts the same way we always have while he is recuperating. And we will continue our missions,” said Sanders.

The Carter Center says they will announce more about his cancer. Family members say that he is in Plains right now, and will head to Atlanta soon to figure out what's next.

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