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Wild Adventures looking to hire 200 people

Thane Riley Thane Riley
Demonte Hunter Demonte Hunter

Thane Riley has been searching for a job for two months. He recently moved to Valdosta from Live Oak, Florida in hopes of having better luck in the job hunt.

"There aint nothing down there for me. I actually come up here to find a job and to meet some more people," Riley explained as he sat on a bench outside the security shack at Wild Adventures Wednesday afternoon waiting for the job fair to start.

He said at this point,he'll take anything in order to help him keep up with his bills and put food on the table, and he's confident he's got what it takes to be an employee at Wild Adventures.

"I'm good when it comes to food and beverages, I'm good when it comes to rides, I'm real friendly when it comes to people and little kids. I'm real respectful," Riley said.

Throughout the application process Wednesday, he was full of energy.

Demonte Hunter was helping guide some of the applicants through the process Wednesday and encouraged everyone to be themselves but at the same time also have plenty of energy and enthusiasm like Riley.

"Have fun while they're actually going through the process and express their personality out there," Hunter said, outlining some tips he would give the applicants.

There are job openings for everything from ride operators to food and drink vendors, but Riley decided he wants to operate one of the various games throughout the park.

"I'm real fun when it comes to little kids and all. i like adventures and i like to learn new stuff," Riley happily stated as he sat a computer in the break room at Wild Adventures filling out his job preferences.

The job fair continues tomorrow and on Friday the park will be holding auditions for its annual Terror in the wild event around Halloween.

If you would like to apply for a job at the park, click here.

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