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Crews continue to repair Turner Co. gas line

Mayor Carithers Mayor Carithers

Ashburn's mayor said they hoped to have a gas line that ruptured fixed by 5:00 Wednesday afternoon so they could start turning gas back on at local restaurants and then homes. Once the line is repaired, getting the gas back on will be a lengthy process.

Restaurants were forced to put warning signs on their doors, unable to cook much of their food for customers.

"McDonald's, Zaxbys, you know they're losing out on a little business and we just want to get them up and going. Then we'll start on our residence," said Mayor Sedric Carithers.

About 850 homes are affected by the outage, and the mayor says they hope to begin cutting gas back on today, but if not he hopes it won't be too much longer. "I hope no longer than tomorrow evening if everything goes fine," said Mayor Carithers.

Crews spent all day Wednesday repairing that line. First responders say the emergency response is over, now they're just waiting for the gas to be cut back on.

Residents are told to be aware of a possible gas smell in their homes. "If they smell that, they need to dial 911. Fire will be dispatched as well as the city gas department," said Ashburn Fire Chief Brian Meadows.

Most people are thankful it's August and not January. Residents are able to get by without using their homes but many are without hot water or gas stoves.

"But as soon as we get the ok, we're going to go to cutting services back on," said Mayor Carithers.

The repair men will go to each home to manually cut gas back on for each customer, a process that could take some time. "It's going to take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours to get everybody cut back on," said Mayor Carithers.

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