No gas in Ashburn is an inconvenience

No gas in Ashburn is an inconvenience

ASHBURN, GA (WALB) - Turner County is without gas tonight and could be for the next couple of days after a county work crew ruptured a gas main.

Keith-A-que is one of several restaurants in Ashburn temporarily changing the way they do business because they have no gas.
"Well we can't cook anything like such as fried foods." said Teresa Turner, Manager. "Were out of fried chicken. We can't grill any hamburgers. "

A motor grader ruptured the gas main in southern turner county earlier today releasing 950 lbs of pressure of gas.

"We're doing all we can do," said Sedric Carithers, Mayor. "I know it's an inconvenience to the community, We're hoping we can the service back up no later than Thursday evening."

Fire officials say residents need to be prepared to be without gas for 72 hours.

"We just need for them to be prepared to eat cold cut sandwiches, potato chips etc," said Brian Meadows, Emergency Services Fire Chief for Ashburn.

The city is using social media and going door to door to notify residents and nursing homes of the problem. Lunch will also be different tomorrow for kids on their first day of school.

"The school will open tomorrow and they will have meals prepared," said Carithers. "So they have a plan for stuff like this."

Some homes near the ruptured line were evacuated.  Those residents were allowed to return after the gas was turned off.  Chief meadows says no one was hurt, and no on in Ashburn had to evacuate.  His main concern is carbon monoxide.

"We've got you covered and if you suspect that you've got any problem whether you do or you don't call," said Meadows.

Officials at Keith a que says the leak isn't stopping their business.

"We've cooked extra barbeque, extra ribs,"said Turner. "We're making sure all of our barbeque will have plenty of stock pile for it. Making sure we cook extra tonight because we smoke on a wood cooker."

City hall will have staff on site answering phone calls from concerned citizens. You can also call 911.

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