No shed is safe... from thieves

No shed is safe... from thieves
Inv. David Jones
Inv. David Jones

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - Moultrie police are investigating a string of shed break-ins over the last week.  They hope for tips to solve the crimes, and they want all residents to keep their eyes open to anything that looks out of the ordinary.

Most of the shed break-ins are happening here between the 500 block of 1st Street Southeast and a little past 699 1st Street Southeast.

"Some of them have had pad locks on them. There breaking the locks open and taking lawn equipment," said Moultrie Investigator David Jones.

The thieves come late at night and take just about any yard equipment that they can get their hands on.

"Lawn mower, weed eaters, blowers, you know things like that. Not really just hand tools but power tools and things of that nature," Jones said.

And they usually make a simple getaway. "Most of them have pretty much walked away they've got some sort of cart that they'll load up and pull it down the road."

Investigator David Jones says between this and the latest incidents that have been happening downtown, Moultrie Police need any help they can get. "We need the public's help, you know, they have more eyes than we do."

Jones says since the crooks seem to be walking away from the  crime scenes, they want people to keep their eyes open for these strange incidents.

"If you seen someone you haven't seen in the neighborhood or carrying something suspicious, someone's pushing a lawn mower at ten o'clock at night that's enough to call and let us come check it out."

Jones says there have been some witnesses, but investigators haven't gotten strong leads from them.

If you have any information on these break-ins, or if you do see something suspicious in that area, Moultrie Police want you to call them at 985-3131

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