Police leaders work for transparency

Police leaders work for transparency
Valdosta Resident Kenneth Locklear
Valdosta Resident Kenneth Locklear

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - The Valdosta Police Department is trying to become more transparent, and at the same time help the Lake Park Police Department become more transparent, as well.

Last May, the Valdosta Police Department purchased 100 standard definition cameras for patrol officers. Those cameras have now been traded in and replaced with new HD cameras and the police department has purchased an additional 45 cameras.

"Anybody that's sworn in the Valdosta Police Department, we have now or are in the process of issuing them a body worn camera; an HD camera," said Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress. 

Officers will now be able to download their body cam video using the same wifi system that the department already has in place to allow officers to upload their dash cam video remotely from their cars.

 "It'll be good for the citizens and the cops," said Valdosta Resident Kenneth Locklear.

Locklear says knowing that the police department is upgrading its body cameras increases his trust in the department. "It'll help them do a better job and a more honest job."

The police department also worked with the company that supplies the cameras to get HD cameras for the Lake Park Police Department as well.

"Being able to supply an officer with a device like this gives them a little bit more peace of mind. Even though the public may view it as big brother watching, it gives them piece of mind," Lake Park Police Chief James Brlettic 

Both Chief Childress and Lake Park Police Chief James Brlletic say they've already started to notice the public becoming more trustworthy with their respective departments thanks to the cameras.

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