Douglas churches come together in prayer for our Nation

Douglas churches come together in prayer for our Nation

DOUGLAS, GA (WALB) - Coffee County churches came together on the courthouse grounds in Douglas tonight.
They prayed for our nation hoping to improve our communities.

Churches across denominations and members of different races unite in prayer for our country.

"Pastors across denominational lines, across races," said John Butler, Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church Douglas. "We're all coming together praying for our community and our country."

Each Monday churches in Coffee County have community prayer time at their locations, but tonight they publicly displayed the power of prayer on the courthouse steps.

"We're as a community concerned about the way our nation and community is going."

They sang, lit candles and prayed in groups defending biblical marriages and for our Political leaders.

"This is not a political statement with us. This is not a political event, it's a prayer event."

Robert Moore, a father of three is concerned that there is too much violence in our nation.

"We've reached the point where we're tired of taking a back seat. We want to be out front because this is where Christians are suppose to be," said Robert Moore.

He says we serve one God

"We want to show our unity that we're one and we're serving one God, one Lord," said Moore.

They'll join together for another community prayer vigil October 8 at liberty plaza in Atlanta.

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