Douglas Funeral home fumes over DFACS delays

Douglas Funeral home fumes over DFACS delays

DOUGLAS, GA (WALB) - A Douglas funeral home says the state's department of Family and Children Services is not doing its job when it comes to taking care of indigent bodies.

When someone does not have the money to pay for a funeral, the DFACS office is supposed to send the county commissioners a letter stating that the person lived in the county and was, in fact, indigent.

The county can then pay for the funeral.

The owner of Sims Funeral home says he has a body that has been in the hospital for 12 days now because DFACS refuses to answer his calls and send the letter to the county.

"It's just really pitiful that they won't advocate. They won't even return a phone call, they won't even write an e-mail, which would not take three minutes," said Chuck Sims, Funeral Home Director.

He says this problem has gone on for years and is happening all across the state. He says another area funeral home had a body for two months before DFACS finally got around to sending the required paperwork.

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