Thieves target vacant mobile home in burglary

Thieves target vacant mobile home in burglary

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - A family says crooks stole thousands of dollars worth of stuff from their vacant mobile home.

The Joneses say someone broke into their mobile home and storage unit some time in the last two weeks. They're thankful some of the items were recovered due to the quick work of detectives.

Kimberly Jones describes how thieves got into her locked storage unit sometime in the last week.

She just checked everything at the property a few days earlier.

"We went back not less than a week later and it was gone," said Kimberly Jones.

The front door was ripped off the vacant mobile home and everything inside was stolen--a stove, headboard, and refrigerator just to name a few things.

"Anything they could get."

Jones estimates the value around three or four thousand dollars.

Police caught Christopher Newell and Scott Daniel pawning some of the stolen property at nearby Kitty's Flea Market.

The two are charged with misdemeanor theft by receiving stolen property.

"Random burglaries are hold to solve. So once we can recover property and put someone in jail, it's always a good thing," said Lt. Chad Kirkpatrick with the Dougherty County Police.

It's still too early to determine if the two were involved in the actual burglary, but detectives are following up to determine who is responsible.

"Even if we don't get everything back. We're pleased with the work they done and how well they did it. I mean they were quick. When we called, they responded," said Jones.

Jones says Daniel is an old friend of her husband's--adding a whole different dynamic to the theft.

"Our strength and faith in God is what's keeping us with our wits about us and not getting angry," said Jones.

Jones has just one message for people after this crime.

"Everybody watch your stuff carefully," said Jones.

A third person was at the flea market with them, but Lt. Kirkpatrick says he is cooperating and has not been charged.

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