Names released in Willacoochee shooting deaths

Names released in Willacoochee shooting deaths

WILLACOOCHEE, GA (WALB) - Atkinson County Sheriff David Moore says a family member has been charged with killing the man who shot and killed his relative Sunday night, at a horse training facility in Willacoochee.

The two victims are Rafael Figueroa-Garcia of Douglas, and Rudolpho Alleman of Willacoochee.

Sheriff Moore says Alleman shot and killed Figueroa-Garcia during an argument.

They believe that 26-year-old Mauricio Figueroa-Garcia then grabbed the gun and shot Alleman.

Sheriff Moore says investigators are still trying to determine how Mauricio is related to Rudolpho Figueroa-Garcia.

Mauricio Figueroa-Garcia is in the Atkinson County Jail, charged with murder, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

Sheriff Moore says Mauricio Figueroa-Garcia is also wanted in Texas, on an aggravated assault charge, for stabbing a man.

Investigators don't know what Alleman and Rudolph-Figueroa Garcia were arguing about, but there was a large crowd at the horse training facility when the shootings happened.

Sheriff Moore says the owner of the facility says no horse racing was taking place at his training track.

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