Participants in ARC Water Race celebrate new healthy life style

Participants in ARC Water Race celebrate new healthy life style

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Administrators with the Albany Resource Center are helping folks with disabilities live a healthier life style. Volunteers cheered as participants finished a one or two mile run in the heat.

Jeffery Grant is one of many running in today's Advocacy Resource Center's Water race, and he's proud of what he accomplished.

In this race everyone sits in the winners circle at the ARC Water Race.

"They've been working up to this run," Dawn Tippins said.

Participants in this run have been taking part  in the Presidential fitness challenge for the past nine weeks.

And right now they're celebrating.

"It's a celebration for all the hard work that they've done and all the hard work they continue to put into us," Dawn Tippins said.

They're learning how to build a healthier life style. For many participants, exercise was not a part of their daily routine.

"It was a very big deal to them. Some of them wasn't doing exercises before at all. So to be coming three days a week and exercising and putting in all the work they've been doing it's a very big deal for them,"  Dawn Tippins said.

But what's an even bigger deal is Jeffery now  has found a new hobby, running. 

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